"Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century."

- Dr. Herbert Marshall McLuhan

The Canadian Advertising Museum McLuhan award recognizes a Canadian integrated advertising campaign that best illustrates the use of new media. It will celebrate Canadian clients and creative teams who have realized Marshall McLuhan’s vision of media that is game changing, challenging existing perceptions and transforming our culture.

The Award, a certificate, presented annually at the Advertising & Design Club of Canada’s annual award show, will commemorate the contribution of Marshall McLuhan, to advertising and design communication, not just in Canada but around the globe.

The Board of the Canadian Advertising Museum, with recommendations from The Board of the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, has selected the recipient of the award for 2012. We thank the ADCC for their support of this award and for allowing us to share their stage on to present it.

The certificate has been designed by doug & serge inc. We thank them for this significant work.

The McLuhan award is a particularly appropriate award for the Canadian Advertising Museum to present because the award acknowledges Dr. McLuhan’s brilliance in foreseeing many of the ways Canadian advertising is communicated today, and how, by using those media communication tools, it changes the way we live.